Q Methodology

Our “Q” Methodology, based on fully qualified employees and proven processes is the basis for all CompQsoft managed projects.

The “Q” Methodology brings together qualified resources delivering quality work using proven processes, within budget and in a quantified period of time to meet our customer’s requirements.


To further enhance our ability to provide consistent and uniform delivery of services across our customer set and create the conditions necessary for cost containment and reduction, we are Level 3 certified institute processes aligned with Carnegie Mellon’s CMMI for Services Delivery (CMMI-SVC) & Development (CMMI-DEV). 



With a large and well managed database of resources to choose from, we can provide you with the resources to best fit your needs and budget. All our resources are trained in our Q Methodology, helping to provide a consistent and quality delivery for your project.

All of our internal project management processes are based upon the PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge. We have incorporated these into a set of project management guidelines which all of our project managers must utilize in order to provide consistent delivery across all service contracts for all customers.