Professional and Scientific

CompQsoft supports our clients with comprehensive solutions including provision of Professional and Scientific services to augment client’s technical requirements to meet project and program needs.  We have industry-specific professionals who understand our customer’s functional requirements and provide the necessary skills and expertise to meet medical research, biologic research, pharmacology program, and biotechnology requirements.  We provide Subject Matter Experts that are tailored to both client and functional program activities. Our project and program management support is based on experiential understanding of both our client’s and their clients’ needs. We support customers with scientific research and analytic support, professional services to assist technical projects, and skilled personnel required to integrate IT and functional projects.
We are able to provide support services that are heavily weighted towards high skilled professionals, scientists, engineers, and subject matter experts that are both technology-oriented as well as experienced with the necessary administrative, legal and regulatory knowledge to ensure success. Our professional services are driven by client demand, offering a wide range of services to provide "one stop shopping" to address the full spectrum of program requirements. We can support specific tasks, provide technical consultation, administer technical projects and programs, and provide strategic planning as is necessary to meet program goals.