Data Manager

Location: Washington, DC
Clearance: Active Secret Clearance
Duration: Full Time
Client: CompQsoft/Federal
Certification: Any IASAE III certification

Job Description: 

  • Data Management & Analytics Project Management. This activity provides for data management and analytics which delivers the implementation of a data management strategy, insight, and transparency for NDU business processes, student performance, organizational health and operations, business process decision-making, and facilitates exceptional teaching and learning. The Contractor shall:
  • Provide comprehensive data management, automation, and analytics.
  • Serve as a translator of NDU component requirements, from the business owners to a front-end developer.
  • Develop and implement dashboards and analytical tools within NDU’s SharePoint, O365, Salesforce, and Power BI technology suite.

       Establish a data team tasked with the following activities:

  • Collaborate with component and directorate leaders within NDU to develop technical requirements for priority data-analytics use-cases to enhance existing business processes. The Contractor shall ensure there is an identified interaction point between feature owners within the business and IT to build execution across use cases. Key performance indicators shall be identified and apply an agile methodology.
  • Establish a data governance program at NDU to instill data discipline with a regular oversight cadence. The data governance program shall be documented via Data Governance Program Charter, which describes the outline of what is to be done and identify measurable objectives and strategic benefits. The data Team will clean, ingest, and connect data to analytic use cases, implement quality and consistency of data flows, train and support data owners on data governance requirements and technical know-how. The Contractor shall ensure adequate engineering of the performance layer, data that is filtered or structured to enable analytics and use cases.
  • Act as end-to-end project manager with responsibility for use case planning, development, and implementation.
  • Provide perspectives and lead discussions on the determining the best analytic insights that can be provided given data that is readily available.
  • Prioritize use cases for the organization and conduct diagnostics to identify use case opportunities.
  • Lead a multi-functional data team.
  • Orchestrate and coordinate with multiple business end-user stakeholders, to include Data Owners and Feature Owners.
  • Support analytics design decisions made by Feature Owners by providing technical advice and defining clear plan for analytics team; support analytics teams to validate assumptions and extract relevant insights by developing business applications.
  • Act as bridge between organization analytics team; Share insights with organizational stakeholders and collect inputs to verify and iterate analytics results.
  • Guide data team to develop right visualizations to meet end-user requirements.

Education and Certification:

BA/BS or MA/MS with at least 10 years of experience.

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