Dynamics 365 CRM Applications

Transform Your Customer Engagement with Dynamics 365 CRM

Are you finding yourself still heavily reliant on Excel spreadsheets to manage client interactions and internal processes? While this may suffice in the beginning stages, as your business grows, you’re probably facing challenges regarding data visibility and reliance on individual expertise.  

You might be facing the challenge of using a CRM system that was effective in the past but has become outdated and insufficient as your needs have evolved. The challenges posed by legacy CRM solutions are evident: limited scalability, data silos, and a lack of flexibility hinder your ability to adapt to evolving business needs.

Now is the moment to liberate yourself from these limitations and embrace the future of customer relationship management. With Dynamics 365 CRM applications, you can enhance business processes, qualify more sales leads, optimize marketing campaigns, and foster robust relationships empowered by next-generation AI.

As a CRM migration and implementation expert, CompQsoft helps you deploy Dynamics 365 to close more sales, unify data, and deliver more personalized customer journeys using AI and predictive insights.

Dynamics 365 CRM Applications

Dynamics 365 CRM Applications Capabilities include

Dynamics 365 Sales

Revolutionizes customer relationship management, empower sales teams with automation, get intelligent insights, and ensure seamless collaboration to drive business growth.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

To create targeted campaigns, nurture leads, and drive engagement, all within a unified platform.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Transforms customer interactions with personalized, omnichannel support, enabling businesses to deliver exceptional service experiences at every touchpoint.

Dynamics 365 FieldĀ Service

To maximize your field operations with predictive maintenance, IoT integration, and remote assistance, ensuring efficient service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Dynamics 365 Commerce

To deliver seamless omnichannel shopping experiences, driving customer engagement and loyalty across physical and digital storefronts.

Dynamics 365 CRM

CompQsoft’s Services for Dynamics 365 CRM

  • Discovery and recommendations
  • Architectural planning
  • Third-party add-ons
  • Migrate legacy apps to Dynamics 365 ERP
  • Custom development
  • Upgrade to the latest versions.
  • Integration with Power Platform and Office 365
  • End-user training
  • Application support


Customer Story

CompQsoft helped a leading real estate company migrate from its legacy Dynamics CRM to a cloud-based CRM solution to improve system adoption and data integration for other systems.

Dynamics 365 CRM Applications


Dynamics 365 CRM is an intelligent, integrated, data-driven solution that helps customers track leads, pipelines, and marketing. It streamlines business operations and processes to improve customer engagement. With Dynamics 365, you can select stand-alone or multiple applications suited to your business needs.

Dynamics 365 CRM includes Sales, Marketing, Customer Insights, Field Service, Remote Assist, and Commerce.

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