Data, Analytics & AI

Unlock powerful insights from your data and AI faster to innovate and transform your business.

Accelerate your business transformation by swiftly unlocking impactful insights from your data and AI capabilities, driving innovation at speed.

Over the past few years, the sheer volume of data has skyrocketed, presenting challenges like heightened storage demands, fragmented data, complex data management, and the necessity for efficient tools to process and analyze data for actionable insights. According to Gartner, up to 85% of AI projects fail to deliver business value due to fragmented or low-quality data.

To maximize data for strategic decision-making, organizations will need to reimagine their business processes to ensure that data becomes transparent.

CompQsoft’s Data, and Analytics, and AI Services leverage the latest advanced technologies to create analytics solutions that innovate, improve business processes, and gain competitive advantage. We harness automation, AI/Machine Learning, and predictive analytics to deliver measurable value to your organization.

We integrate modular, scalable solutions with your existing data infrastructure to kickstart your data modernization journey and enable faster data preparation through automated workflows and modern data integration.

Data, Analytics & AI

Our Data, Analytics and AI capabilities include

Data Consulting & Advisory

Our Consultants will craft a strategy to build your data estate. We ensure that your data strategy aligns seamlessly with your future data architecture, considering governance requirements every step of the way. We leverage AI and automation across workflows to build an insight-driven organization. 

Data Migration

Our comprehensive data migration process begins with discovery and assessment, followed by the migration of database and analytics workloads to Microsoft Azure. We migrate your legacy or on-premises database to the cloud for a cost and speed advantage.

Data Estate Modernization

We offer lift and shift of data workloads to Azure, implement hybrid scenarios, and upgrade to the latest version of SQL Server. We build new data-driven capabilities using AI, automation, and the Microsoft Fabric platform.

Generative AI

We can help you leverage Generative AI capabilities to drive operational efficiencies and enhance customer & user experience.

Data Visualization

We provide data visualization consulting, implementation, and support services to transform your large datasets into actionable insights, enabling actionable decision-making. We specialize in data visualization, enabling you to effortlessly visualize complex data to identify trends, patterns, and valuable insights.

Data Governance

Our services help you achieve data consistency, transparency, and compliance. Our services include – master data management, data quality management, metadata management, workflow management, and data privacy & protection.


Customer Story

CompQsoft helped a professional services company accelerate its move to Azure SQL Server to drive business growth.

Data, Analytics & AI


Data estate migration and modernization involve migrating and updating an organization’s data workloads to a new platform or environment. This process includes transferring data from on-premises systems to the cloud or between different cloud platforms. Additionally, it may require upgrading data management, security processes, tools, and infrastructure.

With AI, data migration can become faster, more accurate, and more insightful. AI can intelligently map and match data, automate testing and validation, analyze unstructured data with NLP, train algorithms with machine learning, and support users with chatbots and virtual assistants.

The cost and duration of data migration depend on factors such as the complexity of the data environment, the size of the data being migrated, and the level of customization needed.

Unlock insights and drive growth with our data and analytics services.